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Our Cooperative Friends

Si Se Puede! Women’s Cleaning Cooperative

Si Se Puede! Women’s Cooperative, We Can Do It! Inc. was founded in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, in August 2006, to bring together immigrant women to create a women-run, women-owned, eco-friendly housecleaning business. The cooperative is designed to create living wage jobs that will be done in a safe and healthy environment, as well as to provide social supports and educational opportunities for our members.


BeyondCare is a worker-owned, women-run cooperative child care business that provides safe, stimulating supervision by trained, loving child care workers while promoting personal growth and educational opportunities for its members.

Emigre Gourmet

Emigre Gourmet Cooking Collective offers catering, cooking lessons and market tours specializing in the cuisines of Asia and the Middle East. For more information, please email or call 718-633-4823.

Golden Steps

Golden Steps is a cooperative of well-trained home companions that walk alongside men and women in their Golden Age. Companions handle elders’ daily non-medical tasks and help them to get around step-by-step, keeping them safe and caring for them as if they were family.

Kickin’ It

Kickin’ It is a worker-owned cooperative created by responsible young adults to teach kids the fundamentals of soccer. Kickin’ It’s goal is to provide an enjoyable, safe, and positive experience for all our participants.

Sunset Scholars

Sunset scholars is a cooperative that seeks to provide high quality, affordable tutoring and is committed to community development through educating the youth. They offer homework tutors and academic tutors for English, Math, Science, History and Test Preparation.

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