Why should I choose Trusty Amigos?

Trusty Amigos is a local socially responsible cooperative business that provides professional dog walking and pet care services in NYC’s five boroughs. Trusty Amigos members are all animal lovers who are trained to provide quality pet care services with excellent customer service. We follow exclusive protocols to ensure safety, reliability and trustworthiness, including communicating to customers through our Dog Log and conducting home inspections when we take care of your pet in our homes.

What is a worker cooperative?

A worker cooperative is a business that is owned and controlled by the workers. In the case of Trusty Amigos, all of the walkers and sitters are the actual member-owners of the business. Cooperatives are characterized by their commitment to members and the community, democratic workplaces and ongoing training and education. We make decisions through a participatory democratic process, ensuring that all aspects of our business are examined with the goal of dependability and excellence.

Will I be able to select the person who takes care of my pet?

When you call or email Trusty Amigos, our Office Manager will call back to schedule a consultation with you and an available cooperative member. At the consultation you will discuss the needs of you and your pet and ask any questions you may have. Usually this member will take care of your pet. However, if you have any doubts or concerns, we can always set up another consultation with you and another member of Trusty Amigos.

Will I get the same dog walker for all my walks?

Yes! Trusty Amigos members are committed to consistency and reliability. If for any reason the member who takes care of your pet is not available (due to illness, for example), she or he will contact you to offer to send another member instead. You can be confident that no one will take care of your pet without your prior approval.

What is Trusty Amigos’ payment process?

Clients pay members of Trusty Amigos directly in cash or check after the completion of service. During your consultation, you will discuss prices and payment with the member who will take care of your pet.

How do I know that the walker/sitter came?

Trusty Amigos members provide our signature Dog Logs, on which we record the date, our time in, time out, information about your pet’s business, and any other necessary notes. We leave these logs on your refrigerator, counter, or any other location you would prefer. Additionally, we generally send a picture each day we take care of your pet, or every other day for regular walks. We offer to send these pictures more or less frequently, via text or email, depending on your preference.

What is your scheduling and cancellation policy?

We request 24-48 hour notice for new bookings, although we may be able to accommodate requests with less time. If booked after 11pm the night before service, we ask for an additional $3 fee; we charge $6 for dog walking on Saturday or Sunday nights.

We do not charge for cancellations prior to 11pm the night before a scheduled walk or visit. We ask for $6 for a same-day cancellation, and the full price of service if a customer forgets to cancel before the walker/caretaker arrives.

What is Trusty Amigos’ key policy?

For regular customers, who do not have a doorman or someone who can let us in, we request two copies of your home key. Our responsible members will keep these keys in a safe place in our homes; we keep them on a special keychain with your pet’s name.  Your keys will never be stored with your name or address; your security is our priority. If you are a one-time client, the member will make a plan to return the key to you after the service is complete.

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