Guest Blog Series #2: Being Thankful

I planned my Thanksgiving dinner for weeks. I received phone calls and texts from all of my children indicating their “must have” recipes, especially sweet potato with marshmallows- something I have been trying to sneak off the menu for years, but no luck converting everyone to healthy eating on this holiday!

I am one of those people who has a Google document with the Thanksgiving grocery shopping list on my smartphone for instant reference. I washed and pressed my tablecloth and got new big bowls to serve up the special grandma-handed-down soup recipe.

But for me, the Thanksgiving holiday was summed up perfectly in the article: “Forget who’s coming to sit at my dinner table this Thanksgiving; let’s talk about who will be under the table” by Nancy Kerns in Whole Dog Journal. As a New York City dog fanatic, and a more than satisfied customer of the Trusty Amigos Dog Walking & Pet Care Cooperative, I confess that this Thanksgiving in particular I thanked the dog-deities that my little Camilla, the shepherd-hound rescue, has joined our family.

In my last post I shared thoughts about Camilla’s health and wellness, and I am very glad to report that she has gained weight and strength and is now a bubbly, energetic girl who loves long walks and is looking forward to her first big walk with Cristal, our Trusty Amigo dog walker. This week, Camilla- now fully immunized since she is in the peak of health, and revved up by her daily dose of dog probiotic and flax seed oil- can join her brother Noodle on a Trusty Amigos’ style super-walk. I know that she will return happy and calm from this extra special exercise opportunity.

I love that Trusty’s Cristal sends me photos of Noodle on his walk, and I look forward to seeing Ms. Camilla’s photos too. I’m going to be plenty thankful this holiday season for my wonderful family and great kids and granddaughter, and for the wonderful dog-folk under my Thanksgiving Table: Camilla, Noodle and Chili dog!

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