Guest Blog Series #1: Natural Health – Can it work for NYC dogs too?

Recently I was thrilled to adopt a new puppy dog, Camilla, from local Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Sean Casey Animal Rescue. As soon as her immunizations are complete Camilla will soon be a Trusty Amigos Pet Care Cooperative client, joining her brother Noodle who is already a very satisfied Trusty Amigos dog walking customer! (Noodle loves, loves, loves his long walks with Laura and Cristal, Trusty Amigos member/owners!)

Camilla is sweet as pie, gentle and loving and has the softest puppy dog eyes, but weeks of transport and transition to the shelter from “down south” where she was born have left her in need of a little TLC and boosting up health-wise. While I have been working with our local vet to manage immunizations and standard health checks, I have been exploring the world of natural health and nutrition for dogs. My own health journey led me to the benefits of green juicing, kombucha and probiotic supplements, and I wondered- could a natural approach to health be of value to my new puppy dog?

Initial exploration has led me to understand that dogs, just like people, respond positively to omega 3 supplements and to probiotics tailored to their inner flora. I have ordered both and will, in future posts, share what I find. My search to better understand the world of holistic health for dogs has just begun, but future posts will chronicle my path and I look forward to input from readers along the way! My new question is about raw diets for puppies- are they OK, will they help her intestinal health? Answers to come!

Meanwhile, my friends at the Trusty Amigos Dog Walking & Pet Care Cooperative have offered their support to help me help my Camilla make a great adjustment to her new home. Thanks Trusty Amigos! I feel a lot more confident taking this big step with you as my partners!

Camilla at the shelter, before coming home

Camilla at the shelter, before coming home


Camilla at home

Camilla, happy in her new home!


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